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Lock Snapping!

With the majority of jobs that we attend changing over the last few months to being predominantly break ins to steal car keys, with the preferred method for this kind of attack being lock snapping. We thought we would share some facts regarding these attacks and ways that this can be prevented. The reason attackers use lock snapping is because to someone who knows what they are doing they will be in your property in under 30 seconds with some attackers being in in as little a 15 seconds. This kind of attack is also a relatively quiet way of gaining entry to a property so before you realize the attackers would be long gone!

Attacks for car Keys has risen by over 200% since 2014 with nearly 4000 car key burglaries across the West Midlands in 2018.

The easiest way of offering more security against this type of attack is to upgrade the Euro cylinder (lock) in your doors. Here at Kings Locksmith Coventry we use Ultion Lock products to protect your home against these kind of attacks. The reason we use Ultion is the fact that they offer a £1000 Gaurantee against lock snapping. This means that Ultion are that confident in there product that they offer such a guarantee. We do offer other 3* rated Euro cylinders but if you are protecting against these sort of attacks our advice would be Ultion.

Ultion also offer a smart lock called Ultion Smart for further information about Ultion Smart read our previous post about this product or contact us.

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