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Are you at risk of a break in?

Are you at risk of being broken into ?

How old are your locks?

If you have locks over 5 years old you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to falling victim of a break in. The reason for this is locks are just like computers and all other technology, there are always advances in technology which improve it and render older models obsolete. In the case of the good old Euro cylinder the advancements are all based around your security.

The question is would you update your Phone, tablet or computer when they required a security update or would you just ignore it and hope for the best?

Don't run the risk!

Update your locks today to anti-snap 3* cylinders to make sure you don't become a victim of lock snapping. We offer Ultion Cylinders which come with a £1000 guarantee, so if you get broken in to through the form of lock snapping they will give you £1000 (T&C's apply). This shows how confident they are in there products!

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