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Gearbox (center case) what is it ?

Who knew that our doors have a gear box. A gear box otherwise known as a center case on the locking strip of the door is the part of the locking strip that is essential in the operation of locking and unlocking the door. This is the part of your door which if it breaks it means the door becomes inoperable as this controls all parts of the locking strip. An easy way to tell if your gearbox is starting to fail is by looking at your door handles, if they have dropped as if you were opening the door but that is there resting position it means that you need to replace the gearbox. Avoid having to pay for an emergency locksmith service and paying out of hours rate, by getting us to come out and see if you need it replacing as part of out free security check. Call 07708749876 Email kingslocksmithcoventry@gmail.com or visit www.kingslocksmithcoventry.co.uk

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