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Are Your Locks Home Insurance Compliant?

I am writing this post due to having a number of customers over the last few weeks not having locks that meet the standards set out by the majority of home insurance providers. Although it is advised to check your policy for the required level of security needed for your property we always advise having locks that meet the British Standard BS3621. In this post we are going to provide details of how you can visually check your locks to see wether they meet the British Standard BS3621.

The symbol in the image above is what you need to look for to see if your locks are British Standard BS3621.

Mortice Locks

On a Mortice lock to be BS3621 it needs to be a 5 lever Mortice lock any lock with fewer levers will not meet this standard. You can find the BS Kitemark Symbol on the face plate of the lock as shown in the images above.

Night Latch

As with the Mortice Lock the BS3621 Kitemark can be found on the face plate of the lock as shown in the image above.


On a cylinder lock the BS3621 Kitemark can be found on both sides of the lock just under where the key enters the cylinder like in the image on the left.

There is a difference with Cylinder and nightlatch locks where they do not have to carry the BS3621 Kitemark to be compliant as the majority of 6 pin cylinders conform to this standard. But if you have a cylinder (or door where the lock has not been changed) that is older than 2007 the liklyhood is that your locks will not be insurance compliant due to only having 5 pins rather than 6. If you are unsure if your locks meet these standards Just give us a call on 07708749876 Email kingslocksmtihcoventry@gmail.com or visit www.kingslocksmithcoventry.co.uk and we will be more than happy to come out and give you a free home security check where we can advise on security upgrades and inform you wether your locks are insurance compliant.

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