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Why do you need to service your doors?

The reason that we service doors is the same reason that we service our cars and our boilers. An effective door service stops the door from seizing up over time, if this happens it can cost hundreds or even thousands in repair bills. Kings Locksmith Coventry recommend servicing your door once every 12 to 18 months to prevent you from such damage. What we will do during a full door service is we strip down the locking strip on the door, take it apart clean it all thoroughly and then re lubricate it all to stop the gearboxes from seizing up, during this process we can advise you if you need any new gearboxs or if you will need one in the near future due to wear and tear. When we have completed the process we will then put it all back together and your door will feel brand new. To get booked in for a service call 07708749876 email kingslocksmithcoventry@gmail.com or visit www.kingslocksmithcoventry.co.uk Services starting from £29.99 for a basic service to £59.99 for a full service.

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